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Suicide Prevention

At Mindward Centre, we offer a wide range of psychological services to help our clients find the path to mental and emotional well being. We believe in offering a holistic approach to psychological care, which is why we provide individual psychotherapy sessions, group psychotherapy, and behaviour management. We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment to individuals seeking professional help. We offer individual psychotherapy sessions, group psychotherapy and behaviour management. Our team of highly qualified professionals is dedicated to helping all our clients reach their goals in a safe and friendly environment.

We understand that the journey to emotional and mental health can be a difficult one, and we are here to provide the tools and support necessary to make that journey a successful one.

Suicide Prevention Efforts

At our centre, we are committed to suicide prevention efforts aimed at reducing the risk of suicide and promoting mental health awareness. Our suicide prevention efforts include the following:

Mental health screenings:

We offer mental health screenings to individuals at risk of suicide and connect them with mental health professionals. Our screening programs are implemented in schools, colleges and healthcare settings.

Restricting access to lethal means:

We work to restrict access to lethal means, such as sharp objects and medications, by promoting safe storage practices and providing education on the risks of these means.

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Supportive communities:

We create supportive communities by promoting social connections and addressing stigma around mental health. Our programs and services aim to reduce social isolation and provide a sense of belonging for individuals at risk of suicide.

Suicide Awareness Workshops:

We hold suicide awareness workshops to promote safe practices and prevent suicide in our communities. The key components addressed in these workshops are education on warning signs, information on risk factors, skills training, peer support and access to resources.

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At our centre, we recognize that suicide prevention is a complex issue, and we are committed to taking a comprehensive approach that addresses the underlying social, psychological, and environmental factors that contribute to suicidal behavior. We aim to create an environment that provides sensitivity, empathy and support to all participants.

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