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Frequently Asked Questions about Mindward Centre and services that we provide.

  • Do I Need Psychotherapy?
    If you have nervous symptoms such as tension, depression, fears, fatigue, and certain physical complaints for which your doctor finds no physical basis; if you find it difficult to get along in your work or in your relations with people; if you have a school, sex, or marital problem; or if you merely feel irritable, unhappy, and believe you are not getting the most out of life, psychotherapy will be of help to you.
  • How Does Psychotherapy Work?
    Nervous symptoms and unwarranted unhappiness are the product of inner emotional troubles. In psychotherapy you are helped to understand your problems. In this way it is possible for you to do something constructive about solving them.
  • Can Physical Symptoms Be Caused By Emotion?
    Many physical symptoms are psychosomatic in nature, which means that they have an emotional or nervous basis. When you come to think of it, it is not really so strange that emotional strain or worry should produce physical symptoms. After all, every organ in your body is connected with your brain by nerve channels; and so it is logical that when your nervous system is upset by some crisis or conflict, you may feel the effects in various organs of the body.
  • If I cannot solve my personal problems without help, does that mean that I have a weak will or am on the way to a mental breakdown?
    No. Even if you have no serious symptoms, it is difficult to work out emotional problems by yourself because you are too close to them and cannot see them clearly. More and more people, even those with a great deal of psychological knowledge, are seeking help these days because they realize this. The fact that you desire aid is a compliment to your judgment and is no indication that you are approaching a mental breakdown. Psychotherapy has helped countless numbers of people to overcome serious emotional symptoms and has enabled many others to increase their working capacities and to better their relationships with people.
  • What Kind Of Treatment Will I Need?
    The kind of treatment best suited for you can be determined only by a careful evaluation of your problem by a professional therapist. You can contact us via phone on +91-9560759305 or email
  • What Happens To The Information About Me?
    In scientific work records are necessary, since they permit of a more thorough dealing with one’s problems. It is understandable that you might be concerned about what happens to the information about you, because much or all of this information is highly personal. Case records are confidential. No outsider, not even your closest relative or family physician, is permitted to see your case record without your written permission.
  • How Can I Help To Cooperate With The Treatment Plan?
    The general practitioner has medications; the surgeon works with instruments; the heart specialist has x-rays and delicate recording apparatus. But for the most part, the psychotherapist has only one aid besides knowledge—YOU. Your cooperation and trust in the therapist are essential. You must feel free to take up with your therapist anything about the treatment process that disturbs you or puzzles you in any way. By doing this you have the best chance of shortening your treatment and insuring its fullest success.
  • Are your therapists qualified to treat me?
    All therapists within our team have the basic qualification and supervised training to provide therapeutic intervention. Depending on years of experience, additional trainings and expertise different therapist in our team have different charges.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If due to any reason you are unable to attend the session, I request you to kindly inform me 48 hours prior to our upcoming session. Last minute cancellations (less than 48 hours) or rescheduling will be chargeable by 50% session fee. If the session is cancelled or rescheduled within 5 hours before the upcoming session then 100% fee is charged.
  • Do you also provide any free sessions or discounts?
    We encourage everyone to pay for their sessions. All our therapist have limited slots for free or discounted sessions. For this, specific eligibility criteria needs to be met since we tend of have a long waiting list. You can put in a request for the same and we will share certain forms and scales with you to fill which our team will then review to assess if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • What services do you offer at Mindward?
    Psychological Assessments: Such as for IQ, SLD, ADHD. Oher Diagnostic Assessment Personality Assessment and Profile Career Assessments Workshops and Trainings Group Therapy Support Group Wellbeing Events Other On-Request Programs
  • What if I have more questions? How can I contact you?
    For further queries you can reach out to us on:- Mobile (SMS/Whatsapp/Call) on +91-9560759305 Email on OR Instagram/Facebook @Mindwardcentre
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