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Our Services

Our Services include Therapy sessions, Assessments, Suicide Prevention Programs and various kinds of Group Work such as workshops, trainings, support groups and events.

When it comes to Therapy or Assessments we understand that there is no one fit for all, and therefore, before we go ahead and decide what kind of therapy or assessment tools to use, we endeavour to learn about the person and based on that a specific approach is used. You are welcome to learn more through the specific sections dedicated to these services or simply get in touch through the contact us page.



  • Individual Therapy. Group Therapy. Family Therapy.

  • Evidence Based Approaches.

  • Trauma Informed Approaches

  • Collaborative Goals based on individual needs and concerns.

Suicide Prevention

  • Gatekeeper Training Programs

  • Campaigns for Mental Health Awareness

  • Seminars


  • Need Based, depending of specific concerns.

  • Use of objective tools and testing material.

  • Diagnostic assessments such as ADHD, IQ, Specific Learning Disabilities,

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder etc.

  • Personality Profile

  • Others

Group Work

  • Workshops

  • Trainings

  • Support Groups

Get a Free 15 Minutes Intake Consult with a Professional!

Click the following Link button below and fill in your concerns and queries.

  • Information share by you will remain 100% confidential. 

  • We will try to get back to you as soon as we receive your response. However it may take upto 48 hours for our therapist to get back to you sometimes due to high number of queries and ongoing sessions. 

  • We are likely to respond to you within working hours 10am to 730pm on weekdays and 11am to 130pm on Saturday. (Sundays are off.)

  • The purpose of the 15 minute consult will be to help you decide if Mindward is a right fit for you. 

  • It also helps our professinal decide if there is a specific therapist who would be more suited to your needs. 

  • It will also help us evaluate if we can be of any help to you and if not, we would be happy to make referrals to other reliable professionals outside Mindward (only within our capacity and knowledge)

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