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Wait…Live a Little Longer

Choosing to End your life is one option,

So is choosing to live,

So is choosing to wait,



The worst of sufferings

Can have some of the best lessons

But hidden so well in disguise

Of pain and hopelessness

That they come to the learner

Well after the shock waves have settled to reside

If only we would let us feel it

If only we would let it pass

For pass it will

Taking its own course

And in its aftermath

We find ourselves to be so much more.

Waiting is all it takes

Crumbling our bones

And aching hearts in its wake

So much so we forget

That we can smile

We feel joy

We are strength

And not all the the things that we despise.




But don’t wait alone

Your suffering is yours

But suffering is pervading through this globe

Millions of tears have carpeted the earth

A million more will continue

Some from joy some from sorrow

We re just shedding our dues.

So wait


This will pass

You were not this yesterday

You will not remain this tomorrow

Let this take its course

You will find out you are so much more.

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